LuskePeter 0.6
Remote Access Trojan

LuskePeter is a project I made due to my passion for IT security and fascination with malware. This program is made for educational purposes only.  I will not distribute this software anywhere but will answer any questions regarding the source code.

Programming language: C#

A Remote Administration Trojan is a type of malware that controls a system via a network connection as if by physical access.


  • Stealth execution hides under different legitimate process names and changes registry.
  • Delay between beacons/heartbeat can be changed in runtime.
  • IP and port can be changed in runtime.
  • Kill a process once or deny it completely for the user.
  • Keylogger.
  • Display messages to the user such as fake error messages.
  • Send files to the user and execute them.
  • Diskless execution of a program. This means sending a file to the user and executing it without actually saving it to his disk.
  • Play sounds, either System sounds or any .WAV file of choice.
  • Get all system information and check what programs are installed.
  • Screenshots of the users’ screen. You can choose the interval in which to update the screen.


maj 29, 2017